Design Portfolio

Creating brochures is one of our SPECIALTIES at Design Advertising. We can handle the ENTIRE project for you, from writing copy to coordinating photography and printing. Working in a Chennai, we have STATE-OF-THE-ART technology at our disposal, including art and font libraries, design software and the KNOWLEDGE to use it. The graphic artists at Design Advertising work closely with you ensuring pr ope COMMUNICATION so your brochure stays on budget and produces th e results your looking for. We’ll DESIGN the brochure or flier based on the copy and photographs you provide. Or, Design Advertising has the capacity to digitally photograph your products. We can also scan and store your high resolution photos in-house. Then, we’ll manipulate and color CORRECT any imperfections. Whether you have a simple black and white job or a complicated four or six color project, we can design and lay it out for you with STYLE. Call us today and we’ll show you!


Starting a new business…or just looking for a FRESH look? You’ve come to the right place! Our CREATIVE graphic artists specialize in designing logos-Distinctive logos which will help you stand out among the competition.


By developing a consistent, polished and PROFESSIONAL look, the public identifies your business as established, trustworthy and successful. There’s no better way to ADVERTISE your company than by displaying your logo. Use it on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signs, vehicles, shirts, hats, advertisements and promotional items. The possibilities are endless!